Team Resources

Banking Accounts |DOWNLOAD|PAGE2
 - This is a PDF file of information regarding setting up Team Banking Accounts with PNC Bank.

Kroger Neighborhood Reward Program

 - Instructions |DOWNLOAD|
 - Terms & Agreement Form |DOWNLOAD|
 - Application Form |DOWNLOAD|
 - How To Guide |DOWNLOAD|

Uniform Ordering Website: |VISIT SITE|

NOTICE: Uniform Samples of CU & CUP jerseys and shorts are available to view at all Soccer Village stores – Blue Ash, West Chester and Anderson. We are not allowed to try on the uniforms but can view them to compare for sizing. The available shorts are for both CU & CUP. Soccer Village will also have the pinnies available to view as well. 

***If after viewing the jerseys or shorts you need to change to a different size, please contact Soccer Village right away to change your order as they will begin to process orders on Friday, July 3rd.***


Click on age group below for ordering instructions:

CU 2013 - 2011

CU 2010 - 2002

CUP 2010 - 2003