CU High School Program

We are pleased to announce the 8th year of Cincinnati United Soccer Club’s fall U15-U18 (High School) program.  This program is intended for players that are not playing for their High School teams, but are still looking for a professional training program during the fall.  Cincinnati United fully supports all of our players participation in their available High School Programs.  This program is offered as result of limited High School playing opportunities for many players in our club.  All high school ages/classes are eligible. 
Training & Games Plan:
This 10 week program will include at least two days of professional training each week provided by the Cincinnati United coaching and training staff.  It will also include opportunities for players to play in games scheduled with High School JV teams, tournament games in Dayton on September 16th and possibly games against other Club teams in the Buckeye fall league.  A minimum of eight games in addition to the tournament games are targeted.
Program Participant Costs:
The 2017 fall program club fee will include a full time professional coach.  For a roster of 16 this will be $325 per player.  Additional participant costs will include ref fees, dri-fit uniform jersey (x2) purchase and tournament costs. 
Roster size:
The expected team roster size is approximately 16 players per team.  If necessary, professional coaches will manage player evaluations to ensure appropriate team roster size.
Player Registration:
Contact either the Program Administer or coach listed below to register for the program.  Information needed to register is:  A 1x1 head shot photo, copy of proof of birth, $325 deposit check and complete a US Club Soccer registration form.
Program Administrator - Harlan Jackson  513.368.0510
Girls Coach - Ron Brickley  513.403.9817
Boys Coach - Teek Phou   513.225.8948