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2014 CU Elite Invitational Success

The 2014 Elite Invitational hosted by Cincinnati United Soccer Club was a huge success.  This marked the first year of u15-18 girls and boys in this top Region 2 event.  In all, more than 225 teams participated in this year’s tournament.

CU and CUP teams enjoyed a lot of success in the event as well, taking home multiple tournament titles, many runner-up finishes, while displaying skillful performances on the field.  In all, the club finished with 12 champions, 11 runner-ups, and 17 semi-finalists.

Cincinnati United Soccer Club would like to thank the tournament directors, site directors, volunteers, referees, teams, parents, and players for making the event a major success.  Your support of this event benefits everyone in the entire club.  Thank you!

U9 Boys - CU Southeast Rangers
U11 Boys - CUP Gold
U11 Boys - CU Southeast Sting
U11 Girls - CUP Gold
U12 Boys - CUP Black
U12 Girls - CUP Gold
U13 Girls - CUP Gold
U13 Girls - CUP Silver
U14 Girls - CUP Gold
U14 Girls - CUP Silver
U15 Boys - CU Southeast Galaxy
U17 Boys - CU Sycamore Mason Galaxy


U9 Boys - CU Southeast Celtic
U9 Boys - CU Sycamore Mason Boca Juniors
U9 Boys - CU Lakota Monroe Sporting
U9 Girls - CU Sycamore Mason Bayern Munich
U10 Girls - CU Sycamore Mason Sunderland
U11 Boys - CUP Black
U11 Girls - CUP Silver
U12 Boys - CUP Gold
U14 Girls - CUP Black
U14 Girls - CU Sycamore Mason Samba
U18 Boys - CU Sycamore Mason Saints
U17 Girls - CUP Black

U8 Boys - CU Sycamore Mason PSG
U8 Girls - CU Sycamore Mason Ajax
U10 Boys - CU Sycamore Mason AC Milan
U10 Boys - CU Lakota Monroe Barcelona
U10 Girls - CU Lakota Monroe Liverpool
U11 Boys - CU Southeast Gunners
U11 Girls - CUP Black
U11 Girls - CUP Southeast
U12 Boys - CU Southeast Titans
U12 Girls - CUP Black
U12 Girls - CU Sycamore Mason Brazil
U13 Boys - CU Sycamore Mason Santos
U13 Girls - CUP Black
U13 Girls - CU Southeast Pythons
U15 Boys - CUP Silver
U16 Girls - CU Sycamore Mason Team USA
U17 Girls - CU Lakota Monroe Gunners