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Brian Page Moving On, New Staff Named for CU Southeast

CU Southeast Director of Coaching and former CU Lakota-Monroe and CUP Director, Brian Page has informed the club of his resignation.  We want to thank him for his years of service and wish him well.  See his own words below.  The new staff for CU Southeast can be found here.

I have proudly served Cincinnati United and founding clubs Cincinnati United Premier and Lakota United for thirteen years. I have primarily served as a Director of Coaching; but also as a coach, interim team administrator, trainer, assistant director, and goalkeeper coach.

Beginning August 1st I will open a new chapter in my life and serve solely as a CU parent and volunteer coach, resigning as the Director of CU Southeast.

I am very proud of what our team has built in the Southeast, and can say with confidence that a staff is now in place that can elevate our players even further. I have been working hand in hand with Scott Rodgers, Dan Kunkemoeller, Joel Sorger and others to pass the baton to exceptional colleagues and friends internally to collectively fill my role.

Collin Brueggeman, Brian Berning, Alan Grothaus, Jack Hermans, and Andre Sharpe will be a dynamic leadership team who will continue to progress our site forward. We have everything organized for the fall season, and our new directors are eager to make their own marks in our organization. Click here for a hyperlink to their impressive bios and our new leadership structure.

Since the inception of Cincinnati United, we have grown to be twice the size as originally anticipated because our player development and championship success is so evident and second to none in Ohio South.

The Southeast site has quickly benefited from the CU way. Our quality on the field greatly improved primarily as a result of an exceptional staff we have in place today, each of which believe in the CU way. Our growth from 38 to 54 teams in two short years as well as expanding programs such as our Bridge and Juniors was not a result of a team working together to get bigger - - rather a team working together to get better. This will continue.

Our achievements are also a reflection of the countless hours of volunteerism board members, registrars, administrators, coaches, and parents have put into our CU family. What makes us unique is our 'we' culture that puts players first, which is certainly not dependent on any one person, position, or league.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Scott Rodgers, our Board, and past Board members and leaders. They have fully supported me for the duration as a father, director, and educator. I consider all my friends, and some as family. Most of all I thank my loving wife, whose support for our children allowed me to also serve yours.

As proud as I have been to wear our colors, I have never been more proud than the first time I saw my own son wearing gold and black.  This is the time in my life where my own children will be on CU fields, and I will be there as a supportive father and fellow CU volunteer enjoying their experiences every step of the way.

So thank you CU family - - for thirteen years.  

Brian Page