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Juniors Academy Overview


Cincinnati United Soccer Club is proud and excited to offer the Juniors Academy Development Program for boys and girls.

The Juniors Academy program is a youth developmental academy that provides instruction to our youngest players (U5-U9).  This program is designed to be the developmental bridge from recreational soccer to competitive soccer.  The professional trainers from Cincinnati United will provide age appropriate technical instruction and teach game behaviors to the very youngest players.

Juniors Academy is vital to the foundation of the Cincinnati United Soccer Club. The focus at these critical ages is to enhance and encourage individual skill development while establishing a love and passion for the game.   As coaches and educators, we understand the importance of correct and relevant instruction at an early age, which will help foster success at an older age.  The learning environment that we create will be positive and safe for these young players.  This will aid in building confidence, self-esteem, and the love and passion for the game.

Juniors Academy Programs:

  • 10 week season will be offered in the fall and spring for the Lakota-Monroe and Sycamore-Mason Sites
  • CUJ Academy (U6-U9) - $175-  includes 2 instructional session per week and league games held on Sat or Sun afternoons.
  • CUJ  Academy (U4-U5) - $125-  includes 1 instructional sessions per week and league games held on Sat or Sun afternoons.
  • Ratio of players to coach will be less than 14 to 1.
  • Winter instruction will be offered in Jan/Feb
  • Summer instruction will be offered in June/July

Fall 2014 Registration is NOW underway -
All players need to register online. |REGISTER |

Fall 2014 Details

The professional training staff of Cincinnati United holds training at the following areas-

CU Lakota-Monroe & CU Sycamore-Mason

Training begins the week of August 18th (weather permitting) and concludes October 26th.
Player Eligibility-
     Boys and Girls
       U4- born between 8/1/10 - 7/31/11
       U5- born between 8/1/09 - 7/31/10
       U6- born between 8/1/08 - 7/31/09
       U7- born between 8/1/07 - 7/31/08
       U8- born between 8/1/06 - 7/31/07
       U9- born between 8/1/05 - 7/31/06
Program Details-
CUJ Academy (U4-U5)- $125 includes- 
       * ONE 1hr training sessions per week 
       *  League games held on Sat or Sun afternoon
*** Uniform is purchased individually through soccer village
CUJ Academy (U6-U9)- $175 includes- 
       * TWO 1hr training sessions per week 
       *  League games held on Sat or Sun afternoon
*** Uniform is purchased individually through soccer village
The professional training staff of Cincinnati United will hold training at the following sites if there is enough players registered-
  Lakota Location-    
    U4-U9 teams train TUESDAY & FRIDAY
       6475 LeSourdsville West Chester Rd.
       Liberty Township, OH 45040
  Lebanon Location-    
   U7-U9 teams train MONDAY & WEDNESDAY
       Posey Hartman
       1438 S. US Rourw 42
       Lebanon, OH 45036
  Mason Location-    
   U4-U6 teams train MONDAY & WEDNESDAY
   U7-U9 GIRLS teams train MONDAY & WEDNESDAY
   U7-U9 BOYS teams train TUESDAY & THURSDAY
       Christ Church
       5165 Western Row Rd.
       Mason, OH 45040
  Monroe Location-    Trains TUESDAY & THURSDAY
  Sycamore Location-   Trains MONDAY & WEDNESDAY
       White Oak Park
       Corner of Cornell and Deerfield
       Cincinnati, OH 45242
*Field locations as well as training dates are subject to change based on availability.  Exact dates and times of will be out by Aug 8th.
Registration must be completed via Google Docs @ the link below-

Paperwork Due by 7/1/14-

Payment should be made payable to Cincinnati United and mailed to-

5842 Old Forest Ln. West Chester, OH 45069

NEW players need to email the following to

A copy of each player’s birth certificate


CU Southeast

For more information on the CU Southeast Juniors program, please download the flyer. |download|


  • Kim Scheper, Director
  • Jason Arszman
  • Katie Gaus
  • Jen Huber

Please contact Kim Scheper for additional information.

Cincinnati United Soccer Club is a passionate supporter and provider for area Recreational Programs. For more information, please visit the Recreational Outreach Program section of our website to read more about our partnerships.

Key Components


  • The professional Cincinnati United training staff has developed a curriculum that focuses on the age-specific technical skills, combined with the tactical decision making, to ensure the right information is being taught to these players.
  • A stress-free non-results focused environment is created to help nurture and develop these young players.
  • Emphasis on skill development that focuses on long-term benefits, rather than short-term gain.
  • Sportsmanship, respect for oneself, respect for others, and respect for the game will be taught.
  • Parent education about the game of soccer, the club’s values, and information about the club’s competitive and premier programs will be provided.



  • To provide a Recreational Support program that will offer free coaching education support that is unmatched in our region.  This support will be designed specifically to accommodate the needs of volunteer recreational coaches across all of the communities in northern Cincinnati.
  • To cultivate relationships with organizations that share a vision of partnership, which will prepare their coaches with all of the resources they need to coach recreational teams.
  • To develop associations with recreational programs who want a partner that can provide a trusted avenue to select soccer for interested players and coaches, and who will communicate this to their membership.