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In The Spotlight

CUP is proud to announce its 2014-15 Coaching Staff:
U11 Managing DOC Bobby Puppione
U11 Boys Gold - Scott Bower
U11 Boys Black - Chris Hopkins
U11 Boys Silver - Matt Schmidt
U11 Boys Southeast - Andre Sharpe  
U12 Managing DOC Bobby Puppione
U12 Boys Gold - Reed Maltbie
U12 Boys Black - Keith McHenry
U12 Boys Silver - Kevin Botkins  
U12 Boys Southeast - Andre Sharpe
U13 Managing DOC Bobby Puppione
U13 Boys Gold - Colin Mullaney
U13 Boys Black - Bryan Daniel
U13 Boys Silver - Keith McHenry
U14 Managing DOC Scott Bower    
U14 Boys Gold    - Kris Bertch/ Paul Rockwood
U14 Boys Black - Ryan Burton     
U15 Managing DOC Scott Bower    
U15 Boys Gold    - Scott Bower
U15 Boys Black - Ryan Patridge     
U16 Managing DOC Scott Bower    
U16 Boys Gold    - Scott Rodgers
U16 Boys Black - Colin Mullaney
U16 Boys Silver - Kevin Botkins      

U17 Managing DOC Scott Bower    
U17 Boys Gold - Terry Nicholl     
U17 Boys Black - Paul Rockwood
U18 Managing DOC Scott Bower
U18 Boys Gold    - Terry Nicholl    
U18 Boys Black - Ryan Patridge     
U18 Boys Silver – TBA Contact Scott Bower
U11 Managing DOC Bobby Puppione
U11 Girls Gold - David Robertson
U11 Girls Black - Kevin Botkins
U11 Girls Silver - Chris Plesa
U11 Girls Southeast -- Collin Brueggeman
U12 Managing DOC Bobby Puppione
U12 Girls Gold - Bobby Puppione
U12 Girls Black - Fred Oduyoye
U12 Girls Silver - Jason Arzsman
U12 Girls Southeast -- Collin Brueggeman
U13 Managing DOC Bobby Puppione
U13 Girls Gold - Bobby Puppione
U13 Girls Black - David Robertson
U13 Girls Silver - Chris Plesa
U14 Managing DOC Dave Simeone
U14 Girls Gold – Bobby Puppione
U14 Girls Black – Ben Urso
U14 Girls Silver – Kevin Botkins
U15 Managing DOC Dave Simeone
U15 Girls Gold – David Robertson
U15 Girls Black – Dan Brady
U15 Girls Silver – Javier Iriart
U16 Managing DOC Dave Simeone
U16 Girls Gold - Dave Simeone
U16 Girls Black - Gavin MacLeod
U17 Managing DOC Dave Simeone
U17 Girls Gold - Gavin MacLeod
U17 Girls Black – Bob Muro
U18 Managing DOC Dave Simeone
U18 Girls Gold – Scott Rodgers
U18 Girls Black – Greg Deutsch

Upcoming Events

CUP Boys and Girls 2014-15
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Program Information


CUP - Premier Program Overview (2014-15)
Boys u14-u18 program. |download|
Girls u14-u18 program. |download|

CUP Youth Program Overview (2014-15)
This is an informational presentation for the CUP Youth program for the upcoming season.

Payment Agreement & Payment Options |download|
CUP (Premier) Program Fees and Due Dates |download|

CUP Team & Player News

CUP Youth Teams Finish Strong - Thursday, December 05, 2013
CUP Youth Teams Finish Strong...

The CUP Youth Girls and Boys teams finished the season on a strong note at some top regional/national events. Way to go teams!

Blue Chip Youth Showcase:

CUP u11 Boys Gold/Maltbie - Champions

St Louis Scott Gallagher:
CUP u12 Girls Gold/Puppione - Champions 11v11
CUP u12 Girls Silver/Urso - Finalists 8v8
CUP u11 Girls Black/Oduyoye - Semifinalists
CUP u13 Girls Silver/Botkins - Semifinalists

CASL Shootout:

CUP u13 Girls Gold/Puppione - Champions
CUP u14 Girls Gold/Robertson - Champions

Germantown Boys Invitational:
CUP u13 Boys Black/Kunkemoeller - Champions
CUP u13 Boys Gold/Rockwood - Semifinalists